Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sure-Fire Ways to Brighten Your Day

Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours!

One of our elementary school principals used to say that on the morning announcements each day. It's stuck with me through the years. It is truly a choice what kind of day we have. We can choose to sulk, pout, be mad or bitter, and just have a rotten day, or we can choose to rejoice in the little things, find joy, and keep our chins up!

Obviously, the ultimate source of joy is Christ, here on earth, there are a few things I can choose to do that always help my day go better than worse.

+ Make the bed. Every day. This just starts my day off right. I haven't always done it, but I started in 2008 when we bought our first home. It makes all the difference for me. I don't see it as a chore, but as a choice for getting the day started on a high note.

+ Have a cup of coffee. Don't like coffee? Have tea, or your comfort drink of choice. For me, it's a latte. It has less to do with the caffeine (lots of times I order decaf, anyway) and more to do with the ahhhhhhhhhh moment of that first drink.


+ Go to bed with a tidy house. I do a quick walk-through before bed to make sure clutter is put away, no stray cups are left about, and general order is taking place. The biggest way this helps me? It means I wake up with a tidy house--and I'm already ahead for the day!

+ Group text with the girls. I actually have a few of these with different sets of friends, but not much else can turn my day around as quickly as our hilarity.

+ Send someone a card. It can be just a quick hand-written note or a long letter, but writing to a friend and dropping it in the mail is such a game-changer. It's seemingly a thing of the past, but it brightens my day--and my friends.

+ Pay for the order behind you in the drive thru. Pay for the whole order, or just give the cashier a five dollar bill towards it, but either way, it's a happy thing for all involved parties. It's no coincidence that lots of my "day brighteners" are acts of generosity. It just feels so good to give! It's an easy way to choose joy.

+ Be silly with your kid(s). Have a dance party, lay on the floor and play Legos, run through the sprinkler. Just pause whatever grown up thing you're doing for a bit. It can wait. One of our favorite things to do is to take silly selfies and then flip back through them all later. My son thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

What do you do to find the joy in each day? 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ten is Really All I Can Manage

It seems as though all I've got lately are lists. And I think I'm okay with that. It keeps me from missing things (I do actually look back at what I've written), and it helps me feel like I'm here--even though I'm kind of not. I miss this space and regularity. I miss writing and sharing what God's giving me through different seasons. As much as I miss it, though, this just isn't the season for it, and I'm trying to be okay with that. So, here I am, with another list.

1. I actually washed and dried things all in one day in a couple of different instances this week. With the outside utility room, I thought this had become a thing of my past. I am glad to see I maybe have a few things together, after all.

2. Last week the boy bought some Legos to share with children who don't have many toys or extra things. I am proud of him for picking things he loves and sharing them. Now to get them delivered. I hope he will always be this generous.

3. The crews are finishing at the house in next two weeks or so. We still have some of our own projects we need to finish before actually making the big move, but it's getting closer!


4. Sometimes 24 hour customer service lines come in really handy.

5. When God gives you a peace about something, it truly is a "peace beyond all understanding." I love the way He is working on my heart through this transition time. We have seen so many cool things come to fruition just in this waiting season--with promises of many more.


6. I'm itching for a vacation; I just need to have a little more stability with houses, moves, and the like before I line anything up. Where's your favorite vacation spot? 

7. Football season seems so close, yet so far away. I'm ready to see the new Kyle Field, settle into our new seats, and hopefully have a great season!

8. I love running into my kiddos from tutoring in town this summer! They are all so cute when they see me in a different setting--and with turquoise hair!

9.  When we saw the Rolling Stones, they played a George Strait song. A friend saw Garth Brooks this weekend, and he played a George Strait song. I guess it's no wonder they call him King George.

Rolling Stones

10. My mom met Crosby last night (you know, from Parenthood). Also, if you haven't watched Parenthood yet, hop over to your nearest Netflix subscription and cancel everything you have planned for the next few days. I'm gonna miss that one.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Things to Make and Do

This s'mores dip. Yum.

Take pictures with the Target dog when the opportunity arises.

Target Dog

These sliders. I have posted them before; they're so good, though.

Look for the payphone every time you walk into Best Buy.

Best Buy

This crock pot Spanish rice. It was a hit! 

Fix your own door knobs. #buildingthegrayhouse

Door Knob

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I try to respond here or via email (if you're not a "no reply" blogger). Be sure to check back!