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We moved into this home in October of 2015. (When my hair was still brown–dark, dark brown.)

Once the weather started to warm up that spring, I started dreaming of adding a pool to our backyard. Granted, we had just built a home, and creating a backyard pool oasis wasn’t really in the budget.

I scoured the internet for pool ideas that didn’t cost as much as a car. That’s the first I had seen of the stock tank pools that were being created to meet the similar needs of other families. My husband wasn’t as impressed with the idea as I was.

Enter quarantine and the closing (and possible not opening) of many of the public pools we frequent. Some friends began their own stock tank pool. And that was all it took!

Mr. Gray kindly hopped behind my idea, and away we went.

I read and researched several places, but Stock Tank Pool and The Joneses (can’t beat the fact that she correctly made their tricky last name plural) have been my main resources.

I ordered all the “pool” parts, purchased the tank at our local feed store (shop local when you can, but Tractor Supply has them as well), and now we wait. Amazon shipping times to our little town are a bit off in this pandemic, but that didn’t stop me from filling it up last night to take a test dip!

Fill your cart to get started:
Plunger valve
Jet replacement kit (currently out of stock on Amazon; I purchased this one)
Chlorine tabs
Chlorine dispenser
Test kit
We did not order the tool and fitting to cut the holes in the tank because we already had that, but you’ll need it, too.

I’ll be back with an update and maybe some how-to’s once we get it all settled and situated!

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