Giving Good Gifts: Teacher Edition

Every year around Christmas, I realize I don’t know my child’s teachers as well as I would like and that makes gift-giving a little harder than it should be. (Some years we just keep it simple; I try to avoid anything that will just sit around, though.)

I’m a big fan of giving good gifts (and the boy is quickly following suit–he loves to give). Last year, about the time Teacher Appreciation Week rolled around, I realized I needed a questionnaire of some sort to give to each of his teachers (you can see some of what we went with for this year here). That brings me to today, when I finally had time to create such a thing.

I’ll probably let the new-ness of the year settle down, with all the filing and paperwork that comes with it. Then I’ll stick this in his folder for each of his teachers to fill out and return. I know some will be uncomfortable with the idea of it, but we really do want to honor them and show our appreciation.

Print a copy of the questionnaire here.  Feel free to pin or share as well!


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