Be Still

After posting yet another list yesterday, I promised I wasn’t going to turn this place into a bunch of running lists. Who wants to read that? Unless of course, it’s How to Be a Millionaire in Three Easy Steps, or How to Eat Ice Cream All Day for Six-Pack Abs, or something like that. Those are lists people can get behind.

Sometimes, there is just so much on my heart that the surface stuff keeps rising up while I process what’s going on in the deep. There is still so much going on in the depths of my heart as we go through this move–and we’re not done yet!

We’re still in a home where we will be through the transition until our new home is built; then we’ll start another transition. It will be much smaller this time, but a transition nonetheless. I’m so grateful for a flexible child. He has done so well with this!

We’re still in the process of finding a church home–when we still feel like our church is our church home. We love our church family. We love our pastors. We love that community. It’s just not feasible for us to pour in from such a distance. We’ve been visiting other churches. The first Sunday, two thirds of us cried for our church home. It’s slowly gotten easier to visit, but so far, none feel like home yet. We know God called us here for a reason, though, and we feel confident that He will give us a place to call home–even if we’re not quite sure what that looks like yet.

We’re still in a place of transition with friends. I’m so much closer to quite a few, but so much farther from just as many (actual geographical distances, not heart distances). I have realized that living in the country will probably not afford me the community I had hoped for when we moved here; it’s hard to be the hub when we are so far out of the way.

Maybe that’s just it, though. God called us to go. Now He is asking us to be still. I’m not good at still. I like movement, motion, forward progress. In my brain, transition is a time of slowing walking up that hill, the time before you finally reach the top. It’s a time of onward and upward. That’s not always it, though. Sometimes you have to be still and listen. All of these things will come with time; of this I am sure. He wouldn’t have called us here if He didn’t have big plans for us.

Be still

“Be still and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.” –Psalm 46:10 (emphasis mine)


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