Tuesday Ten: First World Problem Edition

1. I have my first open-water triathlon coming up. I’m nervous, but it’s a short swim. I figured I had to start somewhere.

2.  Our child is obsessed with baseball stuff. He wears cleats and baseball pants all day, everyday (unless I don’t get the pants washed quickly enough).

3.  I’m in love with the idea of Stitchfix. However, I really like shopping. And I don’t really need anymore clothes. I still think I want to try it one month, though.

4.  The draft over the weekend sure made me miss football. Come on, August 28th–even if Mr. Gray says we don’t get to go to South Carolina to watch. (Surely I can talk him into it by then.)

5. Even though the break-in was a total pain, the process of getting my window fixed was almost too easy. They came to our house, fixed it in about 30 minutes, and went on their way.

6. I’m pretty ready to hit the beach. Someone make that happen.


7.  Bacon, mushroom, corn, and cheese quiche for dinner last night. It was the first time I had used the new oven, and there was a bit of a learning curve (sorry, crust), but–yum! I do love a good quiche!

8. It was wonderful to see my friend Dr. Suz this weekend. It had been far too long. I only had one on-campus class during my graduate work, and I met her. We’ve been friends ever since.

9. We finally got our vegetables planted last week, and I hope they grow. We’ve had a few bad years in a row; maybe we’re due. Mr. Gray rigged up the watering system to help my black thumb out some.

10. I’m so glad I never had to live in the times of doing laundry with a wash board and wash pot outside. I feel primitive enough with our washer and dryer in an outside utility room.

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