Run Rant: Done and Done

At times, God uses avenues you’ve taken yourself down to put you just where He wants you. Sometimes He sticks you on a 13.1 mile path and knows He has a couple of hours to do some talking. Yep.

You see, I set a goal on a whim to run three half marathons in this 29th year of mine. I set the goal without consulting Mr. Gray, God, anyone. I just did it. Running is not my gifting. It’s not really even something I enjoy past about six miles or so.

Dessert Date

Sunday morning started with a broken car window–coming after a cancelled running trip due to tornadoes, and I looked at Mr. Gray and said, “I feel like God is telling me to quit forcing something that’s not my gifting.” We laughed and left it at that.

Race Start

The run started, and after a while, my friend and I split on the course. No sooner than we split, God started talking. I definitely didn’t have my best race time-wise, but it was the most freeing race I’ve ever run. Somehow I got caught up in this goal, these races. I was placing so much value in finishing three before I turned thirty instead of positioning myself in such a way that I can walk in the gifts that God has given me–and that I can enjoy. Of course, He was so eloquent and loving as He spoke. Each piece He put together was a perfect fit.

Bandit Run

I’m grateful for a family who lets me take time to run–even when it’s an inconvenience.


(And even when it ends us up with a broken car window and stolen iPad.) 

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