Bittersweet Ending

We ended the school year with a short program, family time, and a play day at school. I honestly can’t believe the year is already over–it seems like we just started!

Of course, Baby Gray had a full house for his performance. We have had so much support this year; it’s been wonderful being where our family is so they can be involved in everything he does.


After the program, each class had an art show in their classrooms. I loved watching him find his art and proudly show it to each of us! We had such a great year with Mrs. Behlen. It’ll be hard to top!


Today was the very last day of the year.

Last Day

He sent some flowers to Mrs. Behlen to thank her for “helping him bloom,” and he took some little packages of water balloons for his friends. (I found perfect little packages of water balloons at WalMart; they had two spout covers in each package and two colors of balloons. They were divided, so I just cut each one, printed on an address label and sealed. Easy peasy!)

End of Year Gifts

It was so fun to watch all of the kids play together today. We have formed such a bond with so many of those families, and it was really hard to leave today knowing we would never really be the same. It seems like a lot of weight to put on a two-day-a-week preschool, but I wasn’t the only one. The kiddos didn’t really get the whole “last day” thing, but it was cute to watch them tell each other bye.

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