This year, I went with a word instead of a list of goals. I liked it. It encompassed many areas of my life.



Some days were easy. Some days were hard. There were tears of joy and tears of pain. (Did I just re-write the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities?) Just reading through all my posts tagged go brings up so many emotions and thoughts from the year. I remember the place I was in as I wrote each post. I remember the times I was in bed typing through tears and the times I scribbled prayers into my journal that turned into posts. It’s been quite a year of transition for us, and I actually found one post that I had forgotten about that completely foreshadows the word I’ve chosen for 2015. (Stay tuned for that tomorrow.)

2014 logged lots prayers, memories, firsts, and lasts. It’s a year I won’t ever forget, and a year that helped me grow.

A few of my favorite memories:

  • Annie’s 60th surprise party
  • California with Mr. Gray
  • Being done, done, and done with half marathons!
  • The South Carolina upset
  • My 30th birthday party 
  • Selling our home (finally) 
  • Starting Purpose Box

A few of my favorite posts:
Wrapped in Pretty Paper
Time Travelin’
Today I Do Not Turn 30
The Next Big Step
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Just So Grateful

A few of my favorite photos:

Bearded Boy
60th Birthday013
Dessert Date
Beach Fun
Swim Bike Run
Mountain Top
Loaded Up
Rice vs Aggie Gameday
Pink Hair
Concert Time

We wish you a very happy New Year, and a 2015 filled with blessings!


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