Tuesday Ten: Whirlwind Christmas Edition

So much Christmas. So much fun! I’m so glad Samantha introduced me to the Tuesday Ten idea; I can cover so much ground this way.

1. Christmas Eve’s Eve. Revolution. My heart, y’all. It’s so at home here.


2.  Polar Express with Annie. So fun seeing one of Baby Gray’s favorites on the big screen–complete with Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot chocolate!

Polar Express

3. Christmas Eve. Gray Christmas. Always full of laughs (and last minute crafting this year).

 Reindeer Tie
Reindeer Shirt
Reindeer Family

4. Traditions. I’m oh-so glad I remembered to do everything before we left for Nonna & Pops’ house. It makes things so much nicer.

Christmas Eve

5. Christmas morning. We have everyone over for breakfast and gifts. This year, I set out the Christmas story (THE Christmas story, not A Christmas Story), and we read it before we did anything else. I have wanted to do that for years, and I always forgot. I’m so glad I was intentional about it this year.

Subsidy Shades
Christmas Morning

6. Christmas evening. Aunt Cookie’s house is full of family and dogs. I think there are actually more dogs than people if we all bring them. HA! 

7. Family fun. The boy got to go bowling for the first time. He loved it. I had to wear his socks–they fit. I don’t think I’m ready for that.

Bowling With Dad

8. Lainey’s Frozen 5th. Baby Gray loves him some Lainey, and I’m pretty sure he loved her birthday party–complete with snow and Olaf–even more!

Snow Angel

9. I hauled my “big camera” around all week. I took zero photos with it. Disgraceful.

10. I’m not ready to take down our Christmas decor. Twinkle lights make my day. I think we’re leaving part of them with our winter decor and just ditching the trees. When do you take your decor down?

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  1. So much fun! I'm sad about taking down the decor too … we might also just ditch the tree in time for Monday's recycle, but keep the rest up a little longer …

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