Memory Lane

Last night as we talked in the car on the way to (and from) dinner, we found ourselves reminiscing over the memories of the last 14+ years.

Anniversary Date

We sang songs from high school to see who could remember the most words; we remembered college fun and great times with friends.

As we talked, though, one theme came ringing though: we have the best friends. We have always been surrounded by people who have our best interests at heart. They love us, care for us, and go out of their way for us.

One of my favorite stories we told last night was Uncle Clay’s journey to be in our wedding. He was slated to be Mr. Gray’s best man, but his duties in the Navy were preventing him from being able to be home the weekend of the wedding. We had all these grand plans for taking photos where his shoes were in the place he would be standing, and all sorts of other ways to include him as much as we could (this was before Skype–I know, we’re old) while he was not there.

Unbeknownst to us, he got word he could be at the wedding. He made some crazy trade with someone and worked 50+ hours straight to be able to able to be off duty for the wedding weekend. He secretly had his suit measurements taken and turned in to the girl handling the grooms men’s attire. It was all totally under wraps–until he let Aunt B in on the plan. See, she and I have this thing where we don’t actually have to say anything to each other to know what the other is thinking. That’s exactly what happened. She said nothing, and my immediate response was, “CLAY’S COMING?!?”

Boom. Surprise shot.

But not really, we kept it from Mr. Gray, and he got to be surprised! It was the coolest thing. It was something I’ll never forget. And I’m pretty sure no one will ever tell Aunt B anything I’m not supposed to know again.

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