Runt Rant: Break Down

Sometimes I set goals on a whim. I don’t advise doing this–unless you’re not someone who puts a lot of value in goal-setting, in which case you just stop before you finish.

That’s not the case for me. I set a goal to run three half marathons in my 29th year. I’m not actually a fan of half marathons. They’re fun while I’m there, but I dread them. A sprint triathlon or 10K is much more my style. But I did it. I said I would run three. So I will.

I’ve run two so far. One was physically challenging (more here) and this weekend’s was mentally challenging.

Start Line

I’ve never had such a thing happen. I started strong then hit a wall. A complete mental wall. I couldn’t get my brain and my body to work together. Physically I was fine, but mentally, I couldn’t get in the game. The weather was perfect. The course was challenging, but not as hard as the first half I ran a few years ago (best feeling ever–more here). Nothing makes sense. My mind just hit a block. I finished, but it wasn’t pretty.

Finshing with the Boy

I wish I understood. For someone who tends to have a pretty good grasp on the mental aspect of things (most of the time), this was pretty foreign. I’ve never experienced such a thing.


I was going to wait until the fall to run my third, but now I feel sort of an urgency about it. I want to recoup these last two. I want to finish on a high note. So, it’s highly likely I’ll be headed to Oklahoma City in two weeks to run with a friend. Sounds crazy, I know. But, hey, you only live once, right? Then I can focus on the tri with a super short open water swim (I’ve only done pool swims so far) I’m planning to try my hand at this summer–gotta start somewhere!


  1. One day I need to do a marathon,,,, even though I am NOT a runner.. I just want to do one so I can be in the club. I feel like I am the only one that has not done it.

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