Still So Addicted!

Heads up, I received a SparkBox to review; all opinions are definitely my own, though; have you ever tried to change my mind? 

Hi, I’m Mrs. Gray, and I’m a subscript-aholic. Yes, really. I’ve told you about my subscription addiction before. I don’t think it’s getting any better. 


I had the pleasure of working with SparkBox Toys and trying out their subscription box this month. Can I tell you the best part about it? You send the toys back when you’re done! You know if there’s one thing I hate, it’s clutter. Can’t stand it. I throw stuff away, give it away, garage sale it, resell it, you name it, just to get it out of my house! But with this, you don’t have to. You just box it up, use the shipping label they send, and ask for new toys. They give great recommendations, but you can also switch out for something of your own choosing. I mixed and matched for this box. 

My other favorite part? The mesh bags–genius! I’m implementing this in more areas of our life (I already use them for Baby Gray’s socks in the wash).


Due a slight shipping snafu, that was genuinely no one’s fault, I got to see the amazing customer service SparkBox Toys has to offer. I was so impressed. The founder even personally called to check on our box after we received it. I can’t promise he’ll do that for everyone, but after the trip our box had trying to get to us, it was a nice touch!

Baby Gray has been having a blast with everything he got in his box–even the instruction packet! (Each toy has instructions and ideas for use.)


I’m not sure he is going to want to send the Bilibo back–good thing there is an option to purchase!


We had friends over Thursday night, and he got everything out to show them. He’s a happy camper!

Want a SparkBox of your own? Use code GRAY at checkout to save 10% on your next order!


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