Huntin’ Wabbits

As Easter approaches this year, I’ve answered the question, “What do you put in your child’s Easter basket?” more times than I can count (swim trunks, a rash guard, and some outside stuff: chalk, bubbles).


It occurred to me, though, that I don’t stop to think, “Oh, we don’t do the Easter Bunny,” like I do when it comes to Christmas and Santa. Why? Yes, Jesus was born of the virgin Mary at Christmas, but He rose from the dead–out of the tomb Easter morning. He conquered death. He erased our sins. He saved us–on Easter. Why am I not protecting Easter in the same way?

As Baby Gray and I were reading his Jesus Calling Bible Storybook yesterday, I realized just how much he “gets” at his age. We talked about the cover art,

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and he knew that Jesus was being baptized in the picture. When I asked him why we get baptized, he said, “because we have Jesus in our hearts.” He’s getting it. He knows more than I sometimes give him credit for.

So back to my original question: why am I not being more intentional about protecting the meaning of Easter in our home? I honestly don’t know. I intend to do a better job, though.

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