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I’m not the most easy going traveler (shocker, I know). I prefer to stay in a hotel (no motel here) that’s at least decent. I’ve actually left places (yes, multiple) after seeing the room before.

So when Janssen wrote about bidding on a hotel–name and photos unseen–I wasn’t so sure.

Fast forward to needing a last minute, unplanned hotel (read: unplanned expense) for this weekend. I browsed all the hotel sites to compare prices (they’re the same) before remembering the bidding info Janssen shared.

I followed the first few steps before realizing that the place we’re going is too small to have its own list. I got scared of what hotel I might end up in and almost gave up. Then I saw it.

The Gray Matters Priceline Express Deals

Express Deals. We were going somewhere small enough that I could narrow down which hotels would probably pop up based on their ratings and amenities. (Bidding for Travel, which Janssen references, also notes which hotels are possible for Express Deals, but I didn’t realize it until after thi intense process was over.) I decided to try it. It wasn’t as cheap as bidding, but it would at least save me tax on our room (if it didn’t cost me the Express Deal price plus the price of a room when I didn’t like the Express Deal hotel).

I clicked.

I waited. It seemed like an eternity.


It was the hotel I would have purchased anyway.

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