Look for Him

Yesterday morning, as we were on our way to church, this popped up in my Facebook feed:

photo 1

Looks like any other Bible verse, yes? Well, yes and no. See, last week of last year, I was clinging tighter to that verse that I had any scripture that I can remember in my life. It was a promise, a declaration from God about what we were going through. It was a perfect way to start the morning of the 11th, a year later.

As my day went on, this popped up on Instagram:

photo 2

Again, seemingly ordinary. But again, an integral verse in my life this time last year.

God is in the details. He knew I needed those verses last year, and on the day that began a fresh season for us this year, he refreshed my memory, let me see them in a different light, and continued the peace He gave me a couple of weeks ago as we get ready to take on some other changes in our lives.

I challenge you to look for Him in the details today. Slow down. What are you missing? Where has He been all along that you just weren’t seeing?

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