There was lots of anticipation leading up to Saturday’s game. Mr. Gray and I watched the Gators play the previous week, and I was feeling cautiously optimistic.
When we arrived in College Station, the energy was high, the weather was gorgeous–it was a great day for football. We ate, tailgated, and visited friends before heading to check out the new MSC. 
We walked through the sea of maroon and into Kyle Field. 
I knew it was really football season when Mr. Gray procured my kettle corn. 
Kettle Corn
We headed to our seats. We were even early enough to watch March In (I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve seen it). We said our hellos to seat-mates and section-mates that we hadn’t seen since the t.u. game. It was good to be back. 
Game Time
Game time inched closer, and finally, it was time for my favorite part–the drums! They changed it up a little this season, and it’ll take some getting used to, but there is no better way to get pumped up than to hear that cadence. 
We know how the rest of the game went. It was another double-digit lead blown in the second half. I’d have liked for it to have ended better, but it helped that Mizzou lost their inaugural game as well. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve read countless blogs and articles this week about A&M being a good fit for the SEC and Aggie hospitality–we’re still the Aggies.
We knew coming into this season that it would be a time of major rebuilding. I can’t wait to see Manziel get in a good groove and get going.

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