Apparel Antics

Since I was gone last week, I missed out on most of Baby Gray’s apparel antics. This week, he wasn’t up to much besides wearing mi’ins and building a house. I can only do so much. 
Me: What are you doing? 
Baby Gray: Build house. 
Baby Gray usually helps me do the laundry, and it’s rare a pair of socks makes it past him without being turned into mi’ins. Sometimes they don’t even make it to the laundry and we have to open them in the store! 
Sock Hands
Thomas Socks
I managed to make it home from Revolution with a welcome badge this Sunday; Baby Gray couldn’t have been more thrilled. He wore his nametag all the way home. 
As usual, I missed several shots of goofy looks, but in an effort to not be glued to my phone, it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’d rather be engaged in our play and have the memory than be engrossed in my phone and have the photo. 

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