Oh, What Fun!

This weekend was a whirlwind! We had a surprise 60th birthday party for Aunt Cookie, MK’s graduation, MK’s birthday/graduation festivities, MK’s graduation dinner, and Baby Gray’s dedication is tonight! Whew! 

I haven’t gotten to upload photos yet. I was uploading photos from Mr. Gray’s trip to Idaho (more on that later) before we left, and I forgot to take my two gig camera card with us to Austin. So, all our photos from the weekend are spread out over tons of smaller cards that kept filling up too quickly! Ugh. I am glad we had the small cards, though; it’s better than no photos!

The weekend was wonderful! We stayed at the Lost Parrot Cabins on Lake Travis. They were so clean; the saltillo tile didn’t feel gritty at all on my feet! I would love to know how they clean that floor! My tile definitely does not feel like that. The cabins were all decorated so funky and fun! I really enjoyed our visit–plus we were in GREAT company! 
Photos, some cake trivia, and more to come! 

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