One is the Loneliest Number

Last week, Mr. Gray went to Idaho to see his aunt & uncle. They life a hop, skip, and a jump from the Canadian border. He has wanted to go see them for a while, but it has just never worked out. When he finished classes this semester (he’s back in school working on his MBA) he had some down time and decided that would be a good place to sneak in a trip north.
He and a friend flew into Spokane, Washington; they rented a car and drove the remaining three hours to his aunt & uncle’s place. While Mr. Gray, et al hung out in Idaho, Baby Gray and I held down the fort here.
By held down the fort, I mean I was bored out of my mind from Saturday through Wednesday. While Mr. Gray went to Canada, I paid some bills; he ate lots of home-cooked meals, I avoided cooking so I didn’t have a bunch of leftovers just for me. I purposefully planned things to do during the day, but it’s lonely in the evenings when you’re not used to being alone (it’s probably lonely even if you are used to being alone).

I definitely developed an appreciation for single parents. It is very different to have to do everything 100% on your own; even when you’re home all day but have help at night, you get a break. Mr. Gray does a ton when he gets home after work. I have always known that, but I really realized it after last week. Silly things happened all week: I didn’t get the trash to the curb on time (Mr. Gray does that); I made way too many videos of Baby Gray and sent them to all our friends and family; I played on the computer or (gasp) watched TV until the wee hours of the night because I was afraid to go to sleep alone.

I’m so grateful Mr. Gray got to go to Idaho. He works so hard, and he deserves to lay low for a little while. I’m also very grateful he’s home.


  1. I understand that all too well. My hubby's gone all this week. Try it with two. It's double trouble and this is "normal" life for me. LOL. Gotta love what God helps us get through. Love ya girl

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