Fight with the Bites

Friday afternoon, I was making brownie bites for Aunt B’s graduation party. I am good at baking. I love to bake. Friday afternoon was not my best day in the kitchen. 

I knew before I ever put this batch in the oven that they were going to be way too tall, and sure enough, they were! Ugh. I managed to salvage a few, but most of this batch was too tall. I switched to a smaller scoop to do the second batch.
 This batch came out the perfect height! They were wonderful. Just as I was about to post the photo and something cocky on Twitter, I got ready to invert them onto a cooling rack. Every one of them fell through the wire rack and got sliced to pieces! UGH! 

At that point, I stopped taking photos. I was frustrated. I have never had this much trouble. The next batch came out looking very porous and sponge-y. Ugh, again. The final batch came out looking much better. They were about the right height, they were the correct consistency, but they had rounded tops for some reason. They didn’t flatten as they baked. 

I made 96 brownie bites in all. I was able to use about 75 or 80. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. I have never been so frustrated in the kitchen.

For those who are wondering, I use a brownie mix and modify it some. I have tried various recipes for homemade brownies, and I don’t like any of them as well as using my variation on Duncan Hines Chewy Brownies (I do it differently depending on what I’m doing with them; let me know if you want specifics).

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  1. A friend of mine does brownie cookies: brownie mix : let batter stiffen in fridge, then scoop spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. bake. While hot- Faltten w/ teh bottom of a drinking glass. Sprinkle w/ sugar. HEAVEN!!!

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