Baby Gray Tailgates…

Gorgeous weather forecasts and a 2:30 game made for the perfect first tailgating experience for Baby Gray! We were able to make it a day trip instead of spending the night, and it wasn’t too hot for Baby Gray to be outside while we tailgated.
Baby Gray and I were going to watch the game from the Alumni Center since Kyle is so loud, so Mr. Gray & we invited our friend, Doc C, to come along and take my ticket. He is a big Aggie, but doesn’t get to go to many games. We were glad he got to come with us! 

Baby Gray enjoyed being outside and seeing everyone. He spent time with Pops & Nonna and everyone else! 

We had a good time in the Alumni Center–we met some other little Aggies and their families.

The best part of the day was that the Ags beat Tech! Gig ’em!

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