A BOO-tiful HalloWEEn!

The beginning of fall marks pumpkins & harvest decorations–to me, it’s the start of “holiday” decorating… Halloween stuff goes up October 1st; I switch to fall stuff November 1st; Thanksgiving stuff goes up mid-November; the Sunday after Thanksgiving is CHRISTMASDAY (probably my favorite day of the year: this is our day to get the house all Christmas-y, wrap presents, and watch Christmas movies). 
The short of it, Halloween is the beginning of so many fun times throughout the fall and winter for us! 
I had Baby Gray’s costume ordered before he was even born. I found the cutest monster outfit that just happened to be the same colors as a onesie we had already bought him it looked like the perfect Plan A and Plan B to me! We also got a cute pumpkin outfit (see pumpkin patch pictures) from Mrs. Doc C and a Halloween outfit from Aunt Cookie. Baby Gray had all sorts of outfits to choose from! 
We started out in this outfit for church. Thanks, Aunt Cookie!
We got our things together and got ready to head to San Marcos to hand out candy and hang out. 
Our Plan A outfit! So stinkin’ cute! 
Baby Gray slept through most of the festivities, but we got a few photos for memory’s sake. Shooby was the cutest peacock of all! (I didn’t get any pictures of Jax… boo!)
His actual monster costume was pretty hot (it wasn’t designed for a Texas Halloween). We went to Plan B before too long. He was still such a cute monster!

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