Headed South!

Baby Gray had his first trip last week to Kingsville. Mr. Gray needed to go for work, so Baby Gray and I loaded up and headed south with him. We even took Rooster! The whole family went on a little trip! It was a trip filled with lots of food I’ve missed–all the little Kingsville joints that can’t be replicated! I started my food trip down memory lane with a taco at Lydia’s, lunch (and a vanilla Dr Pepper with crushed ice!) at Harrell’s, and dinner at Young’s. A lot of times we’re there on an overlap to a Sunday, so not everywhere is open. 
We left Rooster in a crate while he was in the room and we were gone. When I came back to the room in the middle of the day, he was not where I left his crate; I got a little scared that he was missing. Then I saw him across the room–he had ROLLED himself in his crate! 

Crazy dog! 
Thursday evening, we at dinner with Baby Gray’s cousins as well as Uncle W & Aunt K. It was great to see them all! Baby Gray tried to sleep through dinner, but we woke him up so that Aunt K could hold him, and we could take a few photos of the boys. 
Hopefully before too long we can get all five cousins together for some photos!
As usual, Baby Gray was a great traveler! It’s a good thing–we left the next day for Aggieland!

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