Easter Treats without the Sweets

Easter egg hunting can be loads of fun for kids—they get to collect all their eggs and then eat all the candy! As a mom, though, the eating all the candy part doesn’t sound very appealing to me (unless it’s me eating all the candy, of course; I’ll take Reese’s eggs and chocolate crème eggs, please). I’m a big fan of candy in moderation, but it seems as though once we break into the first egg of the season, there’s no slowing my boy’s candy consumption down. (Full disclosure: I originally wrote this post before our Type One diagnosis, BUT this still stands true. He can have candy in moderation; he just has to have insulin to cover it. More disclosure: affiliate links below.)

Easter Treats without Sweets

Why not make those Easters treats fun for everyone? From yummy treats to trinkets and treasures, check these ideas to get your eggs and baskets filled with stuffing to spare!

Edible Egg Stuffers

+ Goldfish or animal crackers: I get it. This is a total kiddo go-to, but it works. Happy kid, happy mom.

+ Raisins: while I happen to think these are terrible, I’ve only met a handful of preschoolers who don’t like them. Opt for plain or yogurt covered; splurge and choose Craisins!

+ Yogurt melts: mix a few flavors to add a pop of color to the eggs. Yogurt melts are always a hit!

+ Dry cereal: Cheerios have always been the choice in our home, but whatever tickles your child’s fancy will work. Maybe use a special cereal that’s usually only a treat (Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, etc).

+ Mini granola bars: smaller is cuter and cuter is better, right? Same rules apply for granola bars in mini sizes! Cute and tasty!

Inedible Egg Stuffers

+ Stickers: what toddler doesn’t like stickers? Add as few or as many as you’d like to each egg and watch them go to town!

+ Army men: I definitely speak boy, but army men go over great stuffed in anything around here.

+ Hair stuff: I’m trying, girl moms! Add hair ties, bows, clips, barrettes, or your accessory of choice to the eggs.

+ Small vehicles: planes, trains, and automobiles fit perfectly in the eggs.

+ Mini bubbles: the party favor size bubbles are a great fit and tons of fun!

+ Band-Aids: personally, I think Band-Aids are quite possibly the best toddler/preschool/kid gift ever. They love them. Choose a favorite pattern or character and split the package among multiple eggs!

+ Coins or cash: you don’t have to spend much to make their day. Stash coins or small amounts of cash in several eggs or a larger amount of money in a single egg.

+ Legos: bricks, mini-figs, animals or accessories, you can’t go wrong! (This is another place you can buy a big package and split among eggs.)

+ School supplies: mini pens, pencils, markers, erasers are useful and fun.

+ Glow sticks: the dollar store usually has glow sticks, bracelets, pendants, and other glowing goodies in a variety of sizes. Find some that fit perfectly in your eggs!

+ Tattoos: everyone’s favorite—until it starts itching! Use scotch tape for quick removal (you can thank me later).

Basket Stuffers

Our Easter Bunny brings a new swimsuit, some water toys, and sunglasses each year—and he usually puts it all in a fresh beach pail! Easter falls right at the beginning of the outdoor season, so we use our Easter basket stuffers to take advantage. It’s time to get current sizes on swim attire, refresh sunglasses and outdoor gear (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, water guns, dive rings, floaties, splash balls, water balloons, shovels, sand molds—pretty much anything you use outside regularly is fair game).

Easter morning, we read the Easter story in one of our children’s Bibles (usually the one we’re currently reading through) and check out the goodies.


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