Leap Day

We get a whole extra day this year. Seems like any other day, but when you think about it, that’s 24 extra hours. How many times do we think, if I just had another day in the week, a few more hours in the day? Well, here it is. What can we do with 24 extra hours? Here’s what comes to mind:

Leap Day

+ Write another journal entry

+ Say an extra prayer

+ Wash an extra load of clothes

+ Cook or bake your favorite meal

+ Spend some time outside (thank goodness the days are finally starting to get longer again)

+ Grab a few miles on the bike or on your feet

+ Curl up on the couch with your favorites and just spend some time together

Get the most possible out of the extra 24 hours. Use them to get more done, get fit, or just recharge.


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