Tuesday Ten Time

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Tuesday Ten around here, but I’ve got a few random thoughts rolling around that an escape, so here we go.

  1. You may have noticed on my social media, but I’m officially training for the Shiner GASP in May. Why announce that, you might ask. Well, because then it keeps me accountable. Then I’m really training for it, and then all of you are really going to ask me about it come May 7th. So, it’s out there. I’m doing it. Century ride (100 miles) in May.Fuji Bike Century Ride
  2. The reality of the boy going to kindergarten in the fall is starting to set in around here. He talks about it every time we pass the new school. I am working on fall tutoring plans around him being gone all day. It’s a going to be the beginning of a great new adventure.
  3. If I keep sweets in the house, I eat them (much more moderately than I used to, but I eat them nonetheless). So I try not to keep sweets in the house. Then Cadbury Mini Eggs were out at Target. I ate almost an entire bag this afternoon. Oops.
  4. I wish I liked bananas. They really give me the creeps, though. I don’t even put them in homemade banana pudding.
  5. Gift-giving is my jam. I love finding the perfect items and tying it all together with a themed book and cute packaging.
  6. I listened to a podcast a friend was on while driving today. (Story Cast Podcast, episode 9 with Laura Ingram) Part of what they talked about was adoption, waiting, helping others with adoptions, and I just broke down. For some reason, it hit me so hard. The emotions are really starting to surround it full-swing lately. I have no idea if that means it’s near, far, or somewhere in between, but I know it occupies more of my thoughts lately.
  7. Purpose Box was on Wynne Elder’s #friendlyfinds last week. Check it out (and all the other great things she mentions).
  8. We started a new laundry system last week, and I am in love. Every night, everyone drops their clothes from the day at the laundry room door. Wash, dry, fold, finish. No laundry piling up, no up keep. One quick load a day and done. So nice.
  9. I’ve been not-so-secretly working on a new (additional, not just different) site. It will be different than anything around here before, and I’m looking forward to officially launching it. Welcome to vague.
  10. We officially ended fire season in our home yesterday. My sweet husband gave the fireplace a good cleaning and cleaned up our little fire station next to it. I am hoping for a cold front–just one more–and a few more fires before it really gets too warm.


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