Pile It On

This week will be a wee bit crazy. I managed to sign the boy up for a camp in the morning and a Bible school in the evening without noticing it until it was too late to do anything about it. I’m considering it a win, though, because I’m teaching his class at VBS in the evening, so the morning will be some nice me time.


I can do my CIZE videos without tripping on Lego people or stepping on a little boy dancing next to me. (He happens to be really cute when he dances next to me, it’s just not conducive to me getting the whole workout done. Have I mentioned 4329648974234 times on Facebook yet that it doesn’t even feel like a workout? Contact me to order yours!)

I’m also slated for jury duty this week, a meeting at the boy’s school, a board meeting for an organization I work with, several deliveries to the new house, a meeting at church, and some fun Purpose Box stuff. Luckily, one thing I’ve learned in my plate over-filling days is when to delegate or say no, so I actually have things kind of in check.


Although, about that me time…

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