I Can’t Live Without… This Photo

I joined in with Katie and Lindsay a couple of weeks ago for their I Couldn’t Live Without… link up. Then I forgot about it last week. Then I was looking for an excuse to share this photo and I remembered it was time to link up again! Hooray!

It’s a week early, but I just can’t wait. It’s my favorite Easter photo of all time, and now is the time to share it.

(Well, in just a second.)

I couldn’t live without Baby Gray’s first chick pic mini session photos, but this one in particular:

Eating Chicks
(No chicks were harmed in the eating taking of this photo.) No, he did not get Salmonella or e. Coli or anything. He was just having fun! Yes, that’s a real chick he’s “eating” there. 
I just can’t look at that picture without smiling. Then I laugh and remember that whole session. Sometimes the chicks would walk. He would cry. They would stand still. He would try to eat them. I changed his clothes and sanitized him right after. I had no idea how good that chicken eating photo would turn out and how much I’d love it! I couldn’t live without it… 
What can’t you live without?
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