Yesterday, we signed Baby Gray up for t-ball. (Did you hear me? WE SIGNED BABY GRAY UP FOR T-BALL!) I cannot even begin to tell you folks how excited that makes me. I have–in all seriousness–looked forward to this day since we found out that our sweet baby would be a boy.

TBall Sign Up

Baseball was a huge part of our lives for quite some time, and I can’t wait to have a little baseball going on in this house again! Not to mention the fact that we have a lefty–that gives us even more to look forward to! AND, we were originally told he wouldn’t be old enough this year, so we got an extra surprise when we found out he could play beginning this season!

I am also looking forward to finding a way to create a balance as we progress so that we do not become baseball-heavy and have it take over our lives (I realize it sounds like I am getting ahead of myself, but if you don’t plan, you run much more of a risk of failing.)

Do your kids play sports? How does your family manage that?

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