Home, Home on the Hill

We are having a great time in the little house on the hill, living our little country life. Before we moved in, I was dreading it. Now that we’re here, I’m almost (maybe, not quite) going to be sad to leave (pending the building of our home actually ever materializing). There are a few modern conveniences I am ready to have back, though.

Robin Williams

The things I miss the most:
+ closets. I prefer my clothes behind a door.
+ a dishwasher. Thank goodness we don’t have any dishes right now because it would really be Bad News Bears around here.  
+ insulation. I prefer my central heat in the house.
+ a bathtub. Oh, how I miss a bathtub.
+ three-pronged plugs. We have a few, but not nearly enough.

In all honesty, I love this little house. I’m excited for our new adventure, too, but I’m not feeling cramped and trapped like I thought I would before we actually got here.

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