Tuesday Ten: Ski Trip Edition

1. I’m in that stage of packing where you make a giant mess before you do anything that’s actually productive. As much as I love order and organization, I love this part of the packing process because it’s organized chaos. I’m all about a good oxymoron.

2. This will be the boy’s first plane ride. It has been incredible watching him process how he thinks it will all go down. He’s got a pretty good grasp of it all for the knowledge he’s working from. I still love those little kid processing skills so very much.

3. We have never flown with ski stuff. It’s all so bulky. Here’s hoping I can work my packing magic with a new challenge (and a lot fewer shoes).

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4. This is our first real vacation with Baby Gray, and I am really excited. He is old enough to enjoy, remember, and provide input. It’s going to be fun. I’m glad the grandparents are going, too, so everyone can enjoy!

5. I have so much to do this week, it’s all crammed in as tight as my calendar can handle. The break will be quite nice.

6. One thing I do to make our return easier when we are gone is make sure the house is in order when we leave. Then there’s no catch-up going on when we get back; we do vacation laundry and call it good. I’m even having the house cleaner come while we’re gone this time. Everything will be fresh (I wash our sheets and towels just prior to leaving as well so we come home to our own bed and shower with fresh linens). Any travel tricks you use to make re-entry easier?

7. The boy is most worried about making sure his Ninjago mini-figs make it in his suitcase. It’s a good thing someone else oversees his packing, or he’d be awfully cold.

8. Expect Instagram and Facebook to be on overload while we’re on our trip. So many firsts to document! Follow along or hide me–whichever floats your boat!

9. I got a couple of never-before-seen surprise items for the plane rides and car trips as we travel. This is always my secret weapon, as the novelty keeps the boy occupied for extra time. What do you do while your kids travel?

10. I love the way Baby Gray is counting down the days until we leave–it makes it so much more exciting now that he is excited, too! Angelfire, here we come!



  1. I hope you have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about it. As for tips to make the return trip easier … have clean clothes planned/ready for at least 2 days post-return. And maybe a meal in mind (even if it's frozen lasagna or pizza delivery) for your first day back.

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