Or we could BE

I’ve learned quite a bit about myself since we’ve moved. Some good. Some not so good. 
I was convicted when I read this little piece this morning, though. 
I haven’t been preaching truth to myself. I haven’t been putting on the armor of God each morning and knowing who I am in Him. (I shared more about that Friday.) 

I have never been an insecure person, but somehow I’ve let myself slide into some insecurities through this move. While I haven’t been preaching truth to myself, I certainly haven’t been being the kind of friend that I generally am. 

I am an initiator, a shoot-you-a-text-just-becauser, a happy mail sender, an inviter, a be there for you in the big times as well as the everyday times kind of friend. I always have been. Somehow, I’ve lost that in some insecurities since we moved in April. I’m taking it back. I’m getting it back. I’m being that friend again. I’m being the friend that I need people to be for me–not because I need it, but because it’s who I am. It’s who He designed me to be. 

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