Tuesday Ten: Mr. Gray Edition

It’s Mr. Gray’s birthday, so this Tuesday Ten is for him! He’s the big 2-9 today. Yeah, I robbed the cradle. Old news.

Wright Wedding

I love:

1. his half-smile.
2. the way he still gives me butterflies.
3. the sweet little things he does that I pretend don’t matter.
4. how he has let me completely hijack OUR birthday month.
5. the way he loves our son.
6. his level head. (It’s a good balance for my sometimes non-level head.)
7. his professor answers–he might be his father’s son.
8. when he dances with me.
9. the fun we have just doing nothing.
10. how just when I think he’s done being awesome, he tops himself.

Happy, happy birthday–I can’t believe it’s the 14th birthday we’ve spent together! I want to spend the rest of them with you!


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