I know my word for the year is go–and I have clung to that. I know we were called here. I know we were supposed to go. I feel like the word for the season we’re in now, though is unsettled. It’s definitely not a word I prayed about or pored over or hoped for. It’s a word that just happened. We’re in a transition, and transitions are rarely fun. (They are usually necessary, though.)

I knew when we started to make our move that life wouldn’t be all ice cream and rainbows as we got situated. It seems I had forgotten, though, how long getting settled sometimes takes. Add in the fact that we moved in the summer when people are off their routines, and poof it’s a recipe for a long transition time. A time of being unsettled. We aren’t completely plugged in and pouring in to a church. We aren’t plugged in to a circle of friends. We aren’t on any kind of schedule with anything at this point.

As busy as our falls can be, I’m ready for the routine. I’m ready for Baby Gray’s soccer games and school days, family football trips, and whatever else comes our way.

Family Football

I’m ready to meet some more people, find a place to be plugged in, and shake this feeling of unsettled. I’m ready for community and doors that are always open. I’m learning and growing in this season (who knew there was so much I didn’t know about myself). I’m trying to embrace the refining process, but I’m ready to be settled. Every time the Lord tries to teach me patience, I remember how much I still have to learn.

If you’re feeling unsettled today, I’d love to pray for you. Leave me a note in the comments if you’d like. Let’s wait on settled together.



  1. I recently found your blog and this post really resonated with me. My husband and I are praying about a big move/transition (while being pregnant with twins!) and I'm feeling unsettled also. I hope you start to feel more connected soon!

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