Shake it Off!

1. It’s Tuesday. Timehop told me this week I started Tuesday Ten a year ago. Yay, for 52-ish weeks of random thoughts.

2. I always have these big ideas for things that should be seemingly simple to carry out. This is mostly true in cases where birthday party invitations are involved. 
3. The new Taylor Swift song? I dig it. Don’t judge. (It hasn’t beat out Call Me Maybe or Party In the USA for me yet, though.) Also, I can’t wait until Glee does it. You know they will.

4. Today in the store, my son used the phrase, “Speaking of…” correctly a minimum of three times. Where does he get this stuff?
5. Last night I got to hang with a house full of boys. Not the stinky kind. The still cute kind. They told me I was a princess, gave me a crown, and fixed my hair. Sign me up for this gig on the reg, please.

House of Boys
6. I use an unreasonable amount of lemon essential oil. It’s my favorite for summer. 
7. This time next week, I’ll be chomping at the bit ready for football in South Carolina! I can’t wait! 
8. I shared my thoughts on library books on social media this morning. I’d love your take. 
9. Speaking of social media, thank you for sharing your hearts yesterday. I’m praying for your transitions! (About number four…) 
10. Did I mention football starts next week? Did I mention I get to go? Did I mention I’m excited? 

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