Coffee Date? Yes, Please!

Oh, my. I love coffee dates! I’m glad Alli had this great idea today!

If we were to sit down for coffee, I’d probably be a little winded and let out a sigh as I sat down. I’d curl up on the floor, as I have a tendency to do, and get ready to soak up this time with you.

 Coffee Date

My cup would probably not have coffee in it, unless we happen to be at J and Mal’s, where I would very nicely ask J to make me a latte. Otherwise, it’s way too hot around here for that.

I would be so grateful we were able to plan a coffee date, especially since friend time has been a little sparse this summer. I’d tell you about our summer and the fun we’ve had. I’d let you in on the little secret that I’m more than ready for the routine and structure that the school year brings–even if it’s only two days a week. I love knowing what days I can plan meetings, appointments, and fun without having to scramble to cram it all in!

I’d tell you how surprised I am at how much I’m enjoying our little house on the hill. It’s been nice scaling back a little and living a more simple life. Less stuff, less clutter, lots of organizing. I’ve loved the challenge of keeping a place to small from seeming filled to the brim. (I might even tell you I’ve been trying to get a blog post together on organizing small spaces, but I’m intimidated by the photography of it.)

I’d take another deep breath, feel like I was doing all the talking, and I’d ask you about you and yours. What would you share?

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