Emotions tend to get the best of me sometimes, and I definitely know better. Emotions are fleeting; they’re circumstantial.

Lately, though, I have just felt thankful. In spite of circumstances that aren’t necessarily going “my way.” (My way is totally better than His, right? *sarcasm*) In spite of distances, both near and far. In spite of emotions sparked by this time of year. In spite of anything worldly, I am so thankful.


I’m thankful for our gorgeous sunsets each evening.
I’m thankful for the opportunities that keep rolling out in front of us as we say yes and step into them.
I’m thankful for friends that fill me up.
I’m thankful for the opportunity for Mr. Gray to go to Haiti next week and the conversations we are able to have with Baby Gray because of it.
I’m thankful for all our boy learns and does.

The other night, as I lay in bed, I was so full of words of praise that tears were welling up in my eyes as I wrote (and wrote and wrote) in my journal. I feel so full. So grateful. I feel like I am finding my place a little in this new physical space, and it’s a place I didn’t expect. It’s a place where community looks different than I thought it would–so does plugged in, but as I’m stepping into what He has for me, it’s starting to look better. Of course it does. His ways are higher than mine. His thoughts, higher, too.

I’m thankful for a peace that does not come from circumstance, from my husband, from friends, from any worldly thing. It can only come from Him.


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