Keep the Love Alive

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Friday makes me think of our Friday Fun Dances when I was still teaching. We’d crank up some Miley and get down! Party in the USA! *puts hands up*

Friday, of course, is also a great date night. Date night is huge for us. We make it a priority to spend time together as a couple. We gotta keep the love alive! Our marriage is worth it.

Date Night Ideas

Here are some of our favorite date ideas: 

Fancy dinner: We love a good meal. It’s even better if we can chat and take our time. Bonus points for being able to dress up!

Anniversary Date

Live entertainment: Concerts, theater, comedy–a live performance is always a good time!


Dessert date: Sometimes we skip dinner and go straight for the good stuff!

Dessert Date

Post-bedtime at-home date: Sitter not available? Out of town with your kid in a single hotel room? Sometimes you just make date night work. (Here we are in the “other room” during a hotel stay. Yep, you do what you gotta do.)

Dessert Date

Do you make date night a priority? What’s your favorite thing to do? 

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