It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Let’s get five quick hits to see what’s in this ol’ brain o’ mine!

1. You’ve missed Fashion Friday; I’ve missed Fashion Friday. Here we go!

Fashion Friday Fashion Friday Super Hero Fashion Friday Ranger Nails Fashion Friday Hats Fashion Friday Basketball

2. Not going to lie, I’m disappointed Johnny went 22nd. I’m excited to see how he does with an underdog team, though (I’m pretty sure we’ve seen it before).

3. We’re headed to Fort Worth this weekend (pending no tornadoes, of course) to avenge the two bad races and see my friend I missed out on when the OKC race was a no-go. Hooray for three before thirty coming to an end!

4. Our internet has been intermittent this week, and it is pretty scary how much I feel like I need internet service. (Granted, a lot of times it’s for work, but still.)

5. I have an addiction to work out clothes. I can’t stop buying them. All of them. I need all of the clothes. Sometimes I even wear them to work out.

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