High Five!

Here’s to Friday Five randomness!

1. I finally got some much-needed Lila Pearl snuggles this week. I hate when I don’t get to meet my friends’ babies immediately. I don’t need to be in the room when they enter the world or anything, but I like to be there pretty soon after. I love babies–and instant gratification! 

2.  Thanks to Facebook, I saved money on our Amazon Prime membership since Mr. Gray is working on his MBA. College for the win!

3. I am having the hardest time getting used to having an outdoor laundry room. I mean, it’s attached to the house across the back porch, but still. (Total first world problem, I know.)

4. On the same note, having a PO Box is not the same as getting mail delivered to your house every day. It’s still mail, but it’s so much more work now. (See parenthetical expression above.)

5. Baby Gray has not grasped the concept that we are no longer close to things. He regularly asks for Target, Freebirds, and the like. Geography hasn’t set in yet (for me, either). 

A little #FlashbackFriday from Target!

PS: In case you missed it, I talked about The Next Big Step earlier this week along with a Hair-Brained Idea I have. 

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