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Last week, Jodi Gray (see what we did there?) from The Gray Way (see what we did there?) approached me about being part of the Monday Blog Tours. What fun! Jodi and her husband Andy pastor City Hill Church in London, and I met them (well, I’ve never officially “met” Jodi, but I feel like I have) through our pastors. I love being connected to people all over the globe–something I never would have thought possible before the internet!

Tour time:

What are you working on? 
I’ve got a little of this and a little of that on my docket. Mostly, I’m working off the web these days since the move. I’m trying to find a place to be, to plug in and pour in. As a family, we are working to find a church. As a mom, I’m working to find friends and groups to plug into that Baby Gray and I can enjoy together. It’s a lot harder moving back home than I thought it would be. We’ve been gone a long time, and our old go-tos aren’t necessarily the same as they were when we left (I know that’s not shocking, but I had a naive view of how this would all go down).

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I’m not quite sure exactly what my genre is. I’m part mommy blogger, part faith blogger, all put-it-out there blogger. Maybe that’s where I’m different. I’m multifaceted, and so is my blog. I didn’t set out four years ago knowing anything about blogging. I just started a blog. (Really, I sent an email with the subject, “Got bored. Started a blog.” and the link.) I still don’t do much with the stats and numbers of it all, I just enjoy writing.

Why do I write what I do? 
I’m not the only person out there in my shoes–cooking dinner, parenting a young child, feeling called to adopt, whatever the case may be. I feel like sharing my stories may help someone get through what they’re going through. When we went through a period of grief almost two years ago, I wanted people to know it’s okay to hurt and grieve. As we are moving and are going through a transition into a new season, I want to share that with others. God gives us our stories to share. He wants us to go before and help others. I am grateful for the people who have done it for me, and this is a piece of how I can do it for those following.

Mother's Day

How does my writing process work? 
Process? What process? Ha! Well, mostly, I just write what’s on my heart. Sometimes it sits in the draft folder for months before I feel like it’s “finished” enough to put out there. Sometimes it takes me five minutes and it’s done. I tend to hold back when it’s something I feel is a big God thing. I don’t want to take away from what He is doing with it, so I wait to be sure I have the right words to glorify Him. I also process things that involve our family with Mr. Gray. I make sure he is okay with what I’m putting out there. This is as much a family project as it is just my own.

Who’s next?
Following in the tour footsteps, I’d love to have my friends Lisa at A Little Slice of Life and Jess from answer these four questions and give us a peek into their blogs next Monday!

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