Hair-Brained Idea

A friend posted today that she is going to start offering mentoring as part of her services (she has a laundry list of things that she does).

I’m interested. Not in her mentoring me necessarily (although I have plenty of areas I need to grow in), but in possibly mentoring others. I feel like I have a lot of things I do well. I’d love to help someone through things I’ve already been through. I rely heavily on those who have gone before me, and I’d love to do that for someone in an official capacity.

I have no idea if anyone would be interested or if it’s shallow and superficial to even think I’m worthy of putting myself out there for that (it has a “better than” vibe to it, I think) kind of thing.

Time to Go

So what do you think, world wide web? Should I go for it? Anyone interested? I’d love some feedback.


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