The Next Big Step

I can’t tell you how long this has been sitting in my drafts–months and months. It’s something we talk about often with friends and family, but it seems as though putting it in print is a different kind of step. Taking a step here.

Life has a bit of a natural progression, it seems. As we advance, people begin to question the progress. Mr. Gray and I got married in June of 2006, and by Christmas, we had people asking when we’d be having children.


Baby Gray was born in September of 2010, and before we even left the hospital, we had people asking when we’d be having another.

People are curious, I get that. I’m curious; I’ve asked these questions myself (as I live through being on the answering end, I try to ask less and less–except with close friends, then all bets are off). The way it stands, we have a three year old, and the questions are flying. Are we having another? When? Why have we waited so long?


Yes. When the time is right. Because we feel called to adopt.

Then comes the next set. From where? Can you not have anymore kids?

We feel as though we are supposed to pursue a domestic, private adoption. We haven’t tried, so we can’t know for sure, but we do know we feel led to expand our family through adoption.

Adoption of the heart. It’s not something people necessarily just want to do–and that’s totally okay. It’s not for everyone. It seems to go against the grain of the traditional means of growing one’s family. It’s in our hearts. It has nothing to do with pregnancy, child bearing, child birth, any of that. It is not a way out or around–it is what God has placed in our hearts. Can things change? Absolutely! We are not ultimately in control. We just follow where He leads us.

For now, we have been given an abundant life full of love, learning, fun, and so many blessings. We’re in a period of waiting and transition, and that’s okay.


  1. How exciting! Now that I've been a mom, I realize there are three kinds of families: those who don't want (more) kids, those who DO (but can't), and those that DO (and have). And none of those are my business. 🙂

    We hope to adopt in the future, too!

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