Tuesday Ten: I’m a Hippie Edition

1. Yep, I’m a hippie. I’ve got essential oils on my kid, in a diffuser, and working to absorb odors in our [really stinky] outdoor refrigerator. I went to a meeting this morning to learn more about their uses, and I’m so excited to try them!

2. I like our little house on the hill. Sitting on the porch in the evenings, working on projects with Mr. Gray, seeing Baby Gray run and play. It’s so quaint, quiet, and nice.

3. Baby Gray has worn shoes that don’t match 4 out of the last 5 days. It’s hilarious. People ask him about it, and he just says, “I don’t want matching shoes.” Okay then.


4. While I’m bummed that I didn’t get to run in Oklahoma City this weekend, I’m glad I was home safe and sound. Mother’s Day, here I come!

5. One time our dishwasher broke, and I quit cooking until it was fixed. Now, we live in a house without a dishwasher. Not cooking for a prolonged period of time is not an option, right?

6. I know I’m biased, but I’m pretty impressed with the 19 mph fastball of this little leftie.


7. I saw a recipe for a non-cookie (thanks, Jenna), and I think I might be able to get behind it. I’ll be trying it tomorrow.

8. If you don’t own a Shop Vac, you should. Best thing ever.

9. Our electricians keep fixing things that have nothing to do with electricity. Mr. Gray’s list is getting checked off rather quickly.

10. Yellow bugs lights are a gift from God.

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