Come on get h-APP-y!

Working on the go means I’m on my phone or iPad quite a bit. Good apps make that so much more productive (and sometimes just more fun).

So, here they are, in no particular order:

1. Timehop: I’ve professed my love before, but it’s worth sharing again.


2.  Instagram: oh, Instagram, how I love thee.


3. Gmail: I’ve been using the plain Mail app for years. I still use it, but this has increased my productivity a ton! I’m able to manage multiple accounts, return addresses, and all the other craziness that is my email life in one place.


4. Cartwheel: Target. Coupons. Need I say more?


5.  Postagram: this app is so much fun! I can send postcards and thank you notes (real ones–snail mail) from my phone’s camera roll. Grand parents love getting them! (Click here to download and redeem a free Postagram.)


6.  Pages: I don’t want to love anything Facebook, but I am grateful for Pages letting me manage businesses on the go so I can spend more time with Baby Gray!


7.  iBooks: goodbye, paper books!


8.  shopkick: This is another one I’ve mentioned before, but I love getting kicks. I just walk in and earn; use kicks to buy gift cards! It’s a win! (Click here to download via my referral link and get kicks to start!)


9.  Repost: it’s easier than screen-shotting and cropping photos on Instagram!


10. Notability: I love being able to take hand-written notes and have them with me all the time. Their addition of the iPhone sync was genius!


What are you favorite apps? 

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