Run Rant: What You See

When you run 13.1 miles with 1000+ people, you’re bound to see a thing or two to talk about. I’m not the runner who goes out dressed up and fancy free, but I love seeing what others come up with.

  • Davy Crockett costume or two (hey, it was the Alamo 13.1)
  • A barefoot runner (literally) 
  • A guy in hot pink shoes 
  • A guy running with a girl on his shoulders 
  • Tutus of all colors and sizes
  • A super cool iPad mount for the stroller (where do I get that?) 

Not to mention all the sights you see around the city when you’re on foot instead of in the car. By the way, Texas State, Trinity University might be giving you a run for your money on the hill situation. 


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