Tuesday. Ten.

It’s Tuesday. Here’s ten. As always, thanks to Samantha at Airplane Rides & Guac Sides for getting me started on this. Random thoughts comin’ atcha.

1. It’s National Ag Day. I could go into a lot more detail on this, but mostly, I’m glad to be from an ag family, be married into an ag family, know where my food comes from, and know that it’s a blessing. Thanks to all the farming, ranching ag families out there.

2. Sunday was my worst race, by far. It was still a win, though. I went to bed about 90% certain I wouldn’t run Sunday morning–I felt terrible. I got up and did it anyway. I finished. I’m a finisher.

3. Not much irks me more than a wet bath mat. Dry your feet, people. Ugh. Hee-bee-gee-bees!

4. Have you tried Donate a Photo? Download the app, choose a cause, upload a photo. Done! You might see someone you know.

Donate a Photo

5. I might have written an article for a magazine this week.

6. When my shoes died a month or so ago, I went in to get a massage to try to relieve my calves. The massage therapist recommended (Amazon affiliate link coming your way) Sombra Warm Therapyfor the tightness after I run. It’s worked great! You might want to try it.

7. You know that ebb and flow of hectic and calm that goes on? I’d prefer a good balance all the time. I’m not sure how to obtain it since different types of year tend to go at different speeds, but it’d sure be nice.

8. We saw Wicked at The Majestic in San Antonio last week. So good. Makes me want to go back to New York even more.

9. Moving forward, even when you know you are supposed to, is sometimes scary. Keep going. Walk in your calling. Walk where you’re called.

10. I love and hate how self-sufficient Baby Gray is. That’s normal, right?


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