If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Lists of things people might not know about us are pretty common, but what about the things we think are common knowledge?


Here are a few things I think most folks know about me:
(There are in no particular order.) 

1. I’m a Christ-follower.
2. I hate to pump gas.
3. I love any and every kind of spa treatment: poke and prod away.
4. I’m married to my high school sweetheart.
5. I have a three year old son.
6. I’m a teacher turned work-at-home mom.
7. I have a master’s degree from Texas A&M.
8. I love Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football.
9. I might (it’s highly likely) have an addiction to shoes.
10. I love systems and organization.
11. I’m extremely loyal; I love my friends and family.
12. New York City is my favorite place on earth.
13. I can be a little OCD.
14. I could eat Chick-fil-A pretty much every day.
15. I drink Dr Pepper like it’s going out of style.
16. I love to learn; I aspire to have a PhD one day.
17. I’d be lost without my iPhone.
18. Target. That is all.
19. I like staying in fancy hotels. 

Any surprises? Anything you would add? 


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