#SheSharesTruth | Psalm 130

When I was younger, I always “did” Lent because my friends did. I didn’t understand the premise behind it or really anything about what I was doing, but, aside from the meat thing, I gave up a thing or two and called it good.

In the past years, I have usually added something to my reading or journaling that would bring me closer to Him instead of taking away chocolate or Dr Pepper. This year, I’m joining in with She Reads Truth and writing on Fridays through Lent. (Don’t worry, Fashion Friday will be back soon; and crazy outfits will still litter my posts.)

This week, we read Psalm 130.

As I switched between versions to grasp a deeper meaning, it hit me in The Message:


When God arrives in our hearts, so does His love, so does his generous redemption! He will meet us right where we are–whether we’re at the lowest point in our life, like the Psalmist crying out, or the highest of high, He will meet us right there. All we have to do is cry out to Him. He wants to welcome us into the Kingdom. He’s there waiting with open arms, love, and generous redemption! What good news! 


  1. Woah! Love this. The reminder that where God is, there is generous redemption, love, and mercy is so hugely important. Lord, despite myself, help me to do what you will. Give me opportunities and the boldness to do what you've called me to do. Praise you, God.

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