An Ode to Poor Photography and Tinted Lashes

Most of the time, especially during the summer, I wear very little makeup. Some tinted moisturizer, a swipe or two of blush, mascara, and I’m out the door–sometimes I even skimp to just mascara and go.

In the last week, though, I’ve only worn mascara twice–even to go somewhere normal that requires makeup. What? Yep. My aesthetician tints lashes. I asked her about it last time I got a facial, and she said my lashes were perfect, so I made an appointment. My friend Momma Branam suggested before and after photos, so my iPhone and I worked out some really creepy photos to share.

You’re supposed to show up with no eye makeup on, so I started my snapping with the “full” makeup I had on before I headed in (the right photo is no eye makeup).

Before copy

The actual application of the lash tint is pretty relaxing; you just hang out on the table while she works on the ol’ lashes. My eyes didn’t really burn or anything, although apparently some people’s do. I was warned I’d have a little bit of a heroine chic look going on when she sent me home, but I laughed it off.

During copy

I shouldn’t have.

I definitely had the last night’s makeup look going for a day or so after. Usually when I take Baby Gray to gym, I throw on mascara and go. Last week, I had to dig around to find some concealer, foundation, highlighter, and who knows what else (I ended up throwing about half of what I found away because it was so old; oops!) to make myself look enough like I got dressed on the present day to venture out into the public realm.

Now, though–oh, now! I am lovin’ every minute.


I have only worn mascara twice in the past week (I’m not wearing any make up at all in the photo), and I don’t have any plans to wear it much more than that any time soon. (I should consider taking photos that actually show my whole face, though; maybe the end result would be more noticeable.)

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